DomainVoider is dedicated to providing AdGuard Pro for iOS users with a custom built, privacy & security focused, simplified ad-blocking filter. Included are active phishing domains from Their novel method involves the monitoring of Certificate Transparency for the acquisition of the active phishing domains that DomainVoider includes in its filter, thanks to the generous licensing that Hardenize has granted us.

DomainVoider is also for use with uBlock Origin or AdGuard for FireFox. When used with either uBlock Origin or AdGuard for Firefox, the included $CSP rules frame-ancestors 'none', upgrade-insecure-requests, & block-all-mixed-content help to increase web security without breaking websites. The infrequent Blocked by Content Security Policy will be seen on websites that practice poor security measures - allowing the site itself to be framed by other sites, thus exposing themselves and you to clickjacking attacks; not using the security provided by https:// with the use of a TLS certificate, and / or the inclusion within the site in question of insecure resources, whether images, videos, or any other included linked-to resource/s that do not use an encrypted https:// connection by default. In other words, elements loaded into websites over unencrypted http:// connections will be blocked by the block-all-mixed-content directive.

The additional $CSP directive object-src is included with a value of 'none' to prevent object, embed, and applet elements from being loaded and executed on websites. The object-src directive restricts the URLs from which plugins may be loaded, such as Flash, a known source of continual attack vectors since its very first release. Note that this will not interfere with web extenstions / addons, such as: AdGuard, uBlock Origin, NoScript, Decentraleyes, Bitwarden & HTTPS Everywhere. It only restricts plugins, specifically from which URLs they can load. Also of interest is that the elements restricted are all obsolete according to HTML5's living standard.

To download DomainVoider directly: download DomainVoider.